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Manufacturing plastic injection mold and plastic parts

2019-07-09     doomyplastic

Experience in manufacturing plastic injection mold and plastic parts more than 15years, we can provide outstanding customer service to fulfill all your customized parts requirement. We also can provide some other standard components such like eject pin/double ejector/rubber/spring etc.


1). Material: ABS, AS, PPS, PP, PE, PET, POM, EVA, PC, PA, PMMA, PS, TPE, TPU, TPR  and other injected plastic material;

2). Process: Plastic Injection Molding; 

3). Finish: Vacuum plating, electroplating, painting, printing, texture and so on;

4). Machines: Different injection machines to meet your needs of   manufacturing different products; CNC processing,EDM, milling machine, drilling machine, inspection machine, injection machine;

5). Professional team

6). Application: All kinds of plastic injection parts being used in a variety of applications including home use, industrial use and so on; 

7). Packaging: Inner packing--Polythene bags, outer packing--Paper cases suitable for transportation by air or by sea;

8). Competitive price, good quality, timely delivery; 

9). OEM ODM can be supplied; 

10). Professional engineer and sales team service.